In-Presentable 2008-2012

(ES) 2015
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The question raised by the editors was how to confront -three years after the end of the Festival In-Presentable- a publication about the history of the festival, and at the same time how to produce an experience by itself. The team of editors invited the participants of the festival to speak and diaologue among them, and this resulted into eight long interviews. While the first book about the festival was organized as a dicctionaty, by juxtaposing image and text, this book separated and opened the contents into bloks of images and interviews. A very detalied and interrogatory interview to Juan Domínguez, executed by the editorial team as a whole, is the core of this publication.


Juan Domínguez, Maral Kekejian, María Jérez, Emilio Tomé and Fernando Quesada

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La Casa Encendida, Madrid  2015, 228 páginas

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